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A Capital Company for the 21st Century

First Colombia Gold Corp., a publicly traded Capital company (OTCQB: FCGD).

First Colombia Gold Corp. is focused on acquiring, developing and advancing natural resource, energy, and real estate projects in Europe, North America, and South America. Our business model is to acquire undervalued assets combining potential for building asset values and cash flows through leverage to improved operational efficiencies and development Our management has significant expertise in the energy, mining and international business sectors; and our business plan is to build a pipeline of projects to deliver short and long shareholder value.


First Colombia Gold Announces New Pipe Threading Facility


First Colombia Gold announced today plans to construct a pipe threading facility at its oil offices in Albany, KY. This facility is going to be constructed on land already owned by the company and will allow the company to supply its own drill pipe to support drilling and exploration. In addition, First Colombia Gold will also produce enough product to sell into the broader market.

First Colombia Gold to Begin Ten Hole Drilling Program


First Colombia Gold, Corp. announced today it is beginning a new Ten hole drilling program to expand oil production on its newly acquired leases.

First Colombia Gold Announces New Leasing Program


Newly appointed President Clarence Parks announced today that First Colombia Gold, Corp. (FCGD) has rolled out the first model of its new leasing program. In doing so, Parks stated "We have acquired 1,114 acres of land, which increases our existing acreage from 3,819 acres to 4,933 acres. This is very exciting news, as we increase our lease holds by over 30%."

First Colombia Gold Corp Announces $4.6m Asset Acquisition


First Colombia Gold, Corp. (FCGD) is pleased to announce that the company has acquired $4.6 million in hard assets from Kentucky-based SWO & ISM, LLC., Hein Oil, Co., Inc. and Hein Oil Well Services, LLC., after a series of acquisitions finalized on Monday, July 21, 2014. This represents 100% of the total assets acquired through this acquisition.

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